we believe…


  • better leaders equal stronger communities

  • connecting leaders to the right people and right resources maximizes results

  • leaders accomplish more working together than working alone

  • we need your help to accomplish our mission

2022 year in review

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We Have the Ability to Build Stronger Leaders in Our Community

For the last 18 years, Summit Leadership has been serving the Appalachian Highlands. Currently, the team serves over 200 nonprofit, business, and church partners. We invite you to learn more about our high-caliber team and amazing partners impacting our community daily.

Our Team

The staff at Summit Leadership serve partners in numerous capacities. We believe in serving first.

Business Partners

Our business partners range in size, mission, and services rendered. We believe business leaders can go further faster with coaching and consulting.

Church Partners

Through the Church Mobilization Network, our team connects churches with community needs. We believe in the collective body of The Church (regardless the denomination).

Nonprofit Partners

The nonprofit leaders are at the forefront of community service. We believe our nonprofit partners can have a greater impact by connecting with the right resources.

In One Year…

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Physical Locations

We are thrilled to be renovating our facility soon! 

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