Through our Mission, our Vision and our Defining Values, Summit Leadership Foundation strives to serve communities around the world with the love of Jesus Christ.


Creating a global collaborative network of Christ-centered, community-specific relational hubs.


Serving communities around the world with the love of Jesus Christ by creating relational hubs for Connecting, Consulting, Coaching & Caring.

 Our Defining Values

Serve First

Always seek to take the lead in serving others.

Three Wins

Good for those we serve. Good for the community. Good for Summit Leadership Foundation.

Relational, Not Transactional

Serving others through relationship instead of through negotiation or contract.

Power of Connecting

Believers, as the branch, have to be connected to Christ as the vine so we seek to naturally connect the right people and the right resources to further His kingdom.

God Owns the Bakery

When God calls us, He supplies all that is needed. So why worry about getting a piece of the pie?

All About the Harvest

Always keeping the lasting eternal and spiritual impact in mind with all we do.

…in the Holy Trinity. One God, yet three persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

…in the perfect divine inspiration, integrity and final authority of the Bible as the Word of God which makes known the way of salvation through Jesus Christ and provides complete instruction in righteousness to prepare all believers to know, worship and serve God.

…in the unique person of Jesus Christ being born of a virgin and being fully God yet becoming fully man without ceasing to be God.

…in the fall of mankind through sin which separated mankind from God and made us incapable of redeeming ourselves from the consequences of sin.

…in the perfect provision for the atonement of sin by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ through His acceptable and substitutionary death removing the penalty of sin and bringing life and liberty to all who believe.

…in the physical death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ breaking the bonds of sin and death and providing the hope of eternal life and our ever-present relationship with God in Christ.

…in salvation by grace through faith alone, apart from works.

…in the indwelling and working of the Holy Spirit in all who believe.

…in the imminent return of Jesus Christ and the eternal destiny of all mankind to either everlasting life in heaven with eternal rewards or everlasting separation from God in hell with eternal punishment.

Even though we may share the same foundational beliefs, our individual interpretations and applications of these beliefs may differ. These differences, such as modes of baptism, gender roles in the church, preferred Bible versions, gifts of the Holy Spirit, styles of worship, imparting of traditions, creeds and sacraments, among other issues of distinction and practice, do not necessarily prohibit our working together in unity of purpose. It is important that we hold to our convictions, but it is equally important that we do so with humble spirits. In the midst of our differences, our foundational beliefs establish common ground for possible opportunities to serve together for the glory of God. However, practices and doctrines that violate biblical ethics and morality are not acceptable in any form and do not serve to advance our unity of purpose in Christ.