2024 Upcoming Events

We invite you to attend any of our upcoming events. Event details and registration can be found following the link below. 

2023 Ministry Highlights

It’s important to take a moment to reflect on the exponential growth witnessed at Summit, through our partners in 2023. We are immensely grateful to our donors for their unwavering support, which has made this year unforgettable.

We Can Help More Local Leaders

When you support Summit, you’re helping local leaders come together to network, brainstorm, and learn—a combination of benefits that leads to stronger organizations, which can then expand their positive impact throughout our region.

Trinity Grace Farm

Trinity Grace Farm is a 30 acre farm off highway 26 between the Gray and Eastern Star Road exit. We envision the farm as an outdoor venue with a mission of serving children and families with special needs.

Summit Life Today is a collection of 101 Leadership Lessons written by Dave McAuley. You can reserve a copy today for a $15 suggested donation.


We believe leaders are able to accomplish more when they are connected with other leaders. Summit is here to serve you, the leader, in order to have a greater impact on those you serve.


We believe, as iron sharpens iron, leaders are at their best when they are connected to other leaders.


We believe in the power of shared best practices and shared learning to enable us to go further faster.


We believe everyone has blind spots and that with properly focused attention, they can be eliminated.


We believe that support and encouragement are vital in order for leaders to fully live out their calling.




We would love for you to consider sharing in the mission of how Summit Leadership is serving communities throughout the world. You can give directly to any number of programs or services or you can learn more about the mission and vision of Summit.