Non Profit Partners

Why should my organization become a partner?

From starting up your nonprofit to leadership transitions to expansion plans, Summit is here to serve your organization through it all. We connect, consult, coach, and care for leaders so they can go further faster than they would be able to alone.

What benefits does partnership include?

Summit offers three levels of partnership. Benefits to each level are listed below.

Does my organization qualify for partnership?

Your organization does not have to be faith-based to become a partner. At Summit, we look for a values alignment. Contact us today so we can sit down and discuss our three win’s model: good for you, good for Summit, and good for the community.

Primary Partnership

  • Display brochures flyers and posters on Summit communication board.
  • Identification & link to your homepage on the Summit website with your company logo.
  • Invitation to attend connecting events at Summit including both non-profit and business partners.
  • Access to all common areas at our facility for informal meetings or individual work.
  • Eligible to reserve meeting space.
  • Small meeting rooms are available for up to four (4) meetings per month (2 hours per meeting).
  • Large meeting rooms or additional small meeting rooms would be at an additional per-use fee according to the space being used.
  • Access to the Summit Hospitality Room (drinks/snacks available on a self-serve donation basis).
  • Complimentary admission to monthly Growing Leaders workshops ($25 per person value)
  • Discounted pricing on local and national leadership events and seminars as available.
  • Access to the Quarterly Community Prayer Breakfasts hosted at Summit.

Plus Partnership

  • Includes all the benefits of our Primary partnership Plus:
  • Monthly large group meeting space (12 per year)
  • Access to short-term storage space and package receiving services for UPS and FedEx shipments.
  • Use of Summit’s 14’ box truck at no cost (driver must be approved by our insurance).

Premium Partnership

  • Includes all the benefits of the “Plus” program with the added Premium of:
  • Host two large group meetings per month (24 per year)
  • Up to four hours per quarter of Leadership Development Coaching for staff and board members during regular business hours.

We are so thankful for all of our non profit partners.

You can click below to reach out to us and learn more.