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This morning’s Faithfully Business was led by Leslie Huff, the FB treasurer and the TriSummit Bank Johnson City Branch Manager. She opened in prayer and then directed the group to watch a excerpt from Andy Stanley’s Take It To The Limit.

The message was taken from Exodus 18:13-24. Basically, Jethro (Moses’ father-in-law) visits Moses to see what it is he does in his work. When he sees how Moses has structured his own duties, Jethro tells Moses that what he is doing is not good. He basically tells him he could be delegating a lot of what he is doing and that way he will have time to focus on the more important details. He tells him that if he continues taking on all of the responsibilities on himself, he and the people will “wear out”.

Stanley challenges the viewers in that with how we structure our own lives, particularly our jobs. “When you are working in your strengths, things come naturally to you”, Stanley states. He goes on to say, “you should play to your strengths and delegate your weaknesses”. It is also stressed that “this may not be possible for you with your current job/responsibilities, but the change comes when you make a commitment to move into that direction”. You will make a bigger impact when you are working in your sweet spot, than when what you are passionate about is taking the back seat.

One thing that I really loved about this message was this is something Summit strives for daily. We know that when Christian leaders are placed in the position of serving where they are most passionate, they will be more empowered for growth and will make a greater impact for Christ in their community and all around the world! Faithfully Business is actually a product of that vision.

Faithfully Business is designed as a Christian based organization to encourage and equip business women and professionals to reflect Christ in the marketplace.

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