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0017“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” ~ Helen Keller

Helping others succeed is one of the most fulfilling experiences in life.  When our gifts, talents, knowledge and resources line up to compliment the abilities of others, we are positioned for success…together.  No one can be truly successful without help from others.

It is absolutely crucial to have the right players working toward a common goal and contributing their part to achieve a team victory. When the right people and the right resources are properly aligned and connected to the right leader, amazing things can be accomplished.  A wonderful word picture that illustrates this truth comes from the Old Testament:

“…so Joshua did what Moses had commanded and fought the army of Amalek. Meanwhile, Moses, Aaron, and Hur climbed to the top of a nearby hill.  As long as Moses held up the staff in his hand, the Israelites had the advantage. But whenever he dropped his hand, the Amalekites gained the advantage.  Moses’ arms soon became so tired he could no longer hold them up. So Aaron and Hur found a stone for him to sit on. Then they stood on each side of Moses, holding up his hands. So his hands held steady until sunset.  As a result, Joshua overwhelmed the army of Amalek in battle.”(Exodus 17:10-13 NLT)

It took three other leaders and an entire army for Moses to accomplish the task God had called him to do.  Moses couldn’t do it alone.  He needed other leaders to help him.  I love this passage and the vivid word picture of what it’s like to be a leader in need of others to help.  This was truly a team victory.  With God’s favor and the faithfulness of members of his team, Moses was blessed with success. 

Now put yourself in the place of Joshua, Aaron and Hur, wasn’t the victory just as sweet and fulfilling for them?  I’m sure there was a lot of celebrating going on as the sun set over the summit that day.

Are you connected to the right people and the right resources to accomplish the work God has called you to do?  Remember this simple truth:  God created us to do great things but designed us so we can’t do it alone.  By God’s design, we need to be completed by others in order to accomplish the dreams He stirs within our hearts.

As a Christian leader, God has uniquely positioned you and gifted you to accomplish great things.  Your success however will require an attitude of humility that admits you need help.  I believe God intended it this way.  Humble leaders are servant leaders who think beyond themselves to see the value in others.  Look around you.  God has put some amazing people in your life that can help you.  Be intentional today about connecting with them in order to fulfill God’s plan for you as you succeed together.

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