Purpose + Peace in the Uncertainty
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Information, numbers, and timelines are changing daily. We are living in the uncertainty of what life will look like in a day or even an hour.
Let’s talk about some small things you can do in this time to find purpose and peace in our community.

Support one local business a day

    1. Order take out/delivery from a local restaurant
    2. Buy a gift card online from a local business
    3. Write a review or rate a business online on Google, Facebook, and/or Yelp
    4. Visit Region Ahead for a full listing of local businesses’ and restaurants’ recent updates

Stay connected with our community

    1. Full listing of resources in the Appalachian Highlands by Summit Companies – servingtricities.org
    2. Facebook Groups include: JC – Distance Socially, Support Locally; Tri-Cities Hospitality Members Assistance; and Tri-Cities TN/VA Mutual Aid
    3. Don’t cancel social meetings or small groups – move them online using Facetime, Zoom, or another platform of your choosing

Contact decision-makers and share your current situation and/or concerns

    1. TN Governor Bill Lee contact form
    2. Johnson City Commissioners emails
    3. Kingsport Mayor & Aldermen listing
    4. Bristol City Council members

Take care of yourself and your family

    1. Contact Michele () for an online, confidential caring session
    2. Check out local businesses offering online workouts on the mindbodyapp
    3. Limit media intake and take a walk instead
    4. If you are struggling with worry and fear in the midst of this COVID19 crisis and would like someone to talk with, call the BGEA prayer line at 888-388-2683

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