Emotions and Perseverance
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Shock, denial, anger, sadness, despair, fear…..cycling through these emotions, sometimes daily, or several times throughout the day, is the current state for many in our land. I have experienced these emotions myself throughout this time of isolation. I have read and heard of it in others. In a land where we are used to such freedom, these feelings combined with confinement seems all the more difficult to process. Yet we must. Respect these feelings as they come. Sit with them. Explore them and the reasons they are in you at the time. Share how they are affecting you with someone you trust. It helps. Listen with compassion to others who have them and empathize.

Persevere. Keep working through your thoughts, your emotions. Do not give in and let them have power. They are there, true, but perseverance is the will to push through them and come out on the other side. Perseverance builds strength, courage, and character. “Persevere” is a verb. It is active. It takes effort. It brings relief.

Dedicate these coming days to persevere! Whether in your emotions, or in relationships, or doing chores around the house, in new or unfinished projects, or at work, or with your children, or in whatever situation you find yourself….persevere!

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