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Summit Leadership serves the Johnson City community with the love of Jesus by creating relational hubs for connecting, consulting, coaching, and caring. Over the past two years, Summit Leadership team members have had the opportunity to partner with Tim Bomgardner and his family in launching Interyear Fellowship.

Interyear Fellowship is a nonprofit organization providing opportunities for young adults to engage their faith through service in community while exploring their vocation. Recently, the ministry closed on a 5,000+ square foot home, completed renovations, and welcomed the first class of Fellows. The Fellows will live in the house together in faithful community and spiritual formation. Each Fellow will be placed at a partner agency in the community to gain professional experience working in a field of interest meeting a need in the community. Tim (and his family) works nonstop to make fellowship opportunities available here in Johnson City and we think he is doing amazing work for The Kingdom! Here are some things Tim wants you to know about Interyear Fellowship:

  1. What exciting things are to come for the Fellows?

Each day we will have morning and evening prayer as a group, but anyone is welcome to stop by and participate. Every month our Fellows will have a service project so they can be actively involved in the neighborhood around us. Beginning in September, Interyear will host monthly, ticketed “Table Talks.” The talks will include a meal cooked by the Fellows and focus on a wide range of issues. At each talk, someone knowledgeable about the issue will facilitate a discussion and also share about their own vocational journey. This year we will have four Fellows, but the goal is to build a full cohort of eight over the next couple years increasing our capacity to serve nonprofits and ministries in Johnson City.

  1. How can people get involved with Interyear Fellowship?

We’re looking for people to provide professional development training for our Fellows on a variety of topics. We hope to invest in them both spiritually and professionally in order to help set them up for success in their future careers.

  1. How has Summit helped you?

From the beginning, Summit has been an excellent resource. They have provided us with connections to other nonprofits, given us guidance in creating our by-laws, and streamlined our financial processes which have all been crucial. Personally, they have been encouraging to me every time I come to their office. I know there is a team of people interested and invested in the success of Interyear Fellowship. I enjoy stopping by to chat with the team and grab a cup of coffee.

If Summit had not been able to serve as an incubator for Interyear Fellowship, then purchasing the Interyear house would not have been an option. Their financial management and advice through the purchasing process gave us credibility with our lender. Without their oversight, we might not have qualified for a loan at all.

  1. How can we pray for the Fellows?

Pray that the Fellows will be able to live together well, supporting each other through prayer and encouragement. Our desire is that by the end of the year, they will have some well-established spiritual practices and more clarity about their future direction. Interested in learning more? Contact Tim Bomgardner at 

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