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Summit Leadership partners with nonprofits, churches, and businesses to develop Better Leaders for Stronger Communities. One of our defining values for partnership is “three wins” meaning good for you (the partner), good for us (Summit Leadership), and good for the community. This fall, we are excited about a new partnership between Summit Leadership and Artisan’s Village. If you visit our office, you know the importance of hospitality and, most importantly, coffee! We are thrilled to announce all coffee served at Summit is now fair trade from Artisan’s Village. The “win” for Artisan’s Village is exposure and more awareness of fair trade. The “win” for Summit is superior coffee. Finally, the “win” for the community is fair trade benefits everyone.

The staff at Summit and our new friends, Michael and Leah, want you know about their store located downtown (300 E Main Street, Suite 110, Johnson City, TN 37601) next to Main Street Pizza.

What is Artisan’s Village?

Artisans’ Village was established in 2012 as the only fair trade retailer in the Tri-Cities. It is our belief that every man, woman, and child is created in the image of God and should be treated with the respect worthy of this truth. Since our beginning, we have partnered with nearly 3,000 artisans and growers in over 30 countries.  Our primary goal is to engage in fair and sustainable trading partnerships that honor the human being and cultural dignity of all those we work with at home and abroad.

Why Fair Trade?

Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world and is second in revenue behind drug trafficking.  It was estimated over 40 million people are enslaved around the world which is the highest number in recorded history. The majority of these falling prey to employers who exploit the vulnerable for cheap labor.

As the largest consumer base in the world, the people of the United States have an opportunity to take a stand against human trafficking by consuming responsibly.  This means educating ourselves about our world and challenging one another to think and behave differently.

Why Partner With Summit Leadership?

As people of faith we recognize that the influence of the Church is rooted in our willingness to reach out in love to our neighbor.  History proves that when the Church is unified in this goal, great things happen.  By partnering with Summit Leadership, Artisans’ Village is able to align ourselves with others who share this view and together accomplish great things for the kingdom.

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