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0017“I don’t like that man.  I must get to know him better.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Attitude is everything!  A bad attitude in just one person can be spread like the flu through a group.  On the other hand, a positive and encouraging attitude can lift an entire organization to a new level of belief and anticipation.  Always remember that attitude leaks and affects everyone who comes in contact with it. 

Have you ever had a bad attitude? Here’s the pattern:  A negative attitude gives you a negative perspective that produces negative impressions, which in turn validate and reinforce your critical viewpoint.  A bad attitude will frequently create negative outcomes that tend to feed more negative thinking. The result is in an unending negative cycle.  It’s a trap!  Don’t allow yourself or anyone on your team to get caught in the downward spiral of a bad attitude and certainly don’t let other team members be pulled down too.                                                                                 

Philippians 2:5 presents this challenge: “Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus.” (NASB)  The passage goes on to describe the humility and obedience of Jesus to do what God was calling Him to do, no matter the cost.

So how do you change a bad attitude in yourself or others?  The first step is to identify it and name it.  It takes a lot of humility to admit wrong thinking and apologize to the others on your team.  Secondly, since “perception is reality”, in order to change a bad attitude you have to change how you perceive the people and circumstances around you.  Your bad attitude not only affects the way you act but it influences the way other people act toward you.  So, the only way to change your perception is for you to help bring change to the circumstances around you. 

Changing your “actions” is the best way to begin changing your “attitude”.  If you begin to act differently, you will begin to think differently and others around you will begin to act differently as well.  It’s the self-discipline of simply doing the right thing no matter what the cost.  It’s following the example of Jesus by being humble and obedient.  Challenge yourself today to not only have a good attitude yourself but to be instrumental in influencing the attitudes of others in a positive way.

Since attitude leaks, keep in mind that your attitude as a leader affects everyone in your organization.  The attitude of the leader sets the tone for everyone else.  For your team members to have good attitudes, you must have a positive attitude as the leader.  Today is a good day for a good attitude!

Finally, there may be times where you will have to dismiss someone from your team for having a bad attitude.  Always extend grace but don’t wait too long.  Remember to always give the rest of your team and the health of your organization high priority.  Protect them from bad attitudes.  

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