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It’s the week of Christmas and, for many, the season can bring unresolved tension, trauma, and concerns to the surface. At Summit, we value the mental and spiritual health of our partners. Therefore, we are pleased to provide a new service to partners of Summit just in time for the Holidays. We hope these videos will serve leaders, pastors, and people in the privacy of their own offices and homes.

Dear Friends and Partners of Summit,

As the holidays and the New Year approaches, we here at Summit Leadership are excited to offer, as our gift to you, access to True Life Care videos. These videos speak to a variety of issues – emotional and spiritual that you may find helpful in dealing with members of your team, church, or friends and family. Each video is narrated by professional therapists with extensive experience speaking on issues ranging from depression and anxiety to addictions and spiritual needs. Please feel free to access these at your leisure and as needs arise in your church or organization. We are providing you with the username and access password below. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Michele King, MS, Director of Care Services for Summit Leadership.

Thank you and Blessings!

Michele King

Videos – True Life Care Video Library
Username – 
Password – Exodu$17!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and many cheers for the New Year. Summit staff members will be available to you 8A-5P in the next two weeks except (12/24/2019, 12/25/2019, & 1/1/2020). We love you. We are cheering for you. We are here for you (423-283-7557).

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