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0017“Yesterday is a canceled check; tomorrow is a promissory note; today is the only cash you have…so spend it wisely.” ~ Kay Lyons

Life is complicated.  Every hour of every day is scattered with proverbial land mines that can blow up if we’re not careful.  We have to walk through life with a clear purpose and path in mind.  All great leaders live and lead very intentionally.  You can’t afford to just wander through your day, or life, simply hoping for the best.  There are too many opportunities to take a wrong step.  Your wrong steps don’t just impact you, they often affect others too.

As a leader, you must always be aware of those who are following you.  They trust you to lead them well and they are watching your every step.  This is particularly true of those who are searching spiritually and looking to you as someone of faith.  Christian leaders must be very intentional about their daily walk.  You say a lot by how you live.

Live wisely among those who are not believers, and make the most of every opportunity.  Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone.  (Colossians 4:5-6 NLT)

Life is a journey.  Everyone is at a different place in their journey, especially spiritually.  They are dealing with questions and uncertainties.  Faith by its very definition is about believing without the benefit of tangible evidence.  That is why our conduct as leaders is so important to those who are traveling behind us in their faith journey.  When we walk with wisdom and discernment before them, we not only model how to walk but we give them hope and encouragement for their own steps ahead.  How we walk, affects how they walk.

Who do you have in your realm of influence who may be watching how you walk?  Think of this as both a blessing and a responsibility.  You are a spiritual role model for them.  They are watching how and where you take your steps today.  That is why you need to be very intentional about walking wisely.  You are sending a message to them through how you live and how you lead.  Be sure it’s the message you want to send.

As a leader, don’t try to walk in your own strength.  The Holy Spirit is an amazing resource of connectedness to God’s strength and wisdom in our lives.  James 1:5 tells us that if we ever lack wisdom, just ask for it and God will gladly give it to you.  Be sure to walk with the Holy Spirit guiding you in your steps.

Be intentional as you walk and talk today; choose each step and each word wisely.  Your influence as a Christian leader can be used by God for amazing impact in the lives of those you lead.  Make a commitment to seek the guidance and wisdom of the Holy Spirit and walk wisely today. 

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